My Golf Annual Review – 2017


Passing 2017 already and now it is time to get the annual review of my golf game. Last June 2017 I came up with the mid year review of my game ( . Not much changes on the equipment side other than changing (upgrading) my driver and the shaft – it proof me that equipment does matter.  Lets go to the analysis!!!

Golf Review 2017First, equipment review (I like this very much). I believe that technology and equipment play the same roles to improve our game (maybe it is just my excuse to keep updating my clubs ha ha ha).

The only change I made during 2017 was the driver – I upgrade the previous PING G30 to PING G SF Tech model (so tempted to upgrade to G400 – but NO!). In addition to that, I also change the shaft to Tour AD MJ Regular 1 and cutting 1 inch of the shaft to 44.5. I feel more confident with the new length and love the sight of my club head from the tee off position. this new upgrade give the additional 10 – 15 meters from the tee box and also higher fairway hits by 7% (we will see more stats below).

Tee Off StatsThe new driver combo resulted 7% increase in fairway hit and pushed down my slice. I found that when I hit the fairway more it help me reduced my score.

Other than that no changes in the equipment. I still love my United Iron (been using this for more than 3 years), I fell in love as well with my three Miura wedges and no plan so far to retire my Scotty Futura putter.

The next interesting hit facts for me was the putting statistic (the number of putting average is the same compare to last year – so it must be improvement in my second shot using Iron and Rescue OR improvement in my chip). I think my bi-weekly drill is effectively improve my chipping.

Enough for the statistic and equipment and drill whatsoever… lets go to the fun part!!! I knew this game around 5 years ago when I need to give up my basketball game due to my knee injury. Thanks to Iben who introduced me to this addicted sport and thank you to my wife to for the blessing ha ha ha…. I really miss playing with the Gemblung Golfers, I miss the “misuh misuh” part, I miss the laugh and all the corny jokes during those 18 holes… Guys, 2018 lets make it more often!

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