2017 Resolution Review


I think this might be the right time to review again what I set for myself last year. As today is two days before the new year and it is 7 o’clock in the morning when all of my beloved one still fast asleep on the bed except the little one who is more less like me (early morning person). Before I make the new wishes for 2018 maybe tonight or tomorrow night, let see how it goes 2017!

overweightReally want to get back to 80Kg – but reality does bite. I ended up with 87Kg by today but we still have another day before the new year right? is 7 Kg in two days to aggressive? Ha Ha Ha…. The question is WHY? couple things: (1) Snacks during workshops at the office (2) The long awaited weekly HC meeting.

This is my toughest luck. Golf game improvement. Overall the game is getting better but only slightly. I managed to play the same rounds like last year (25 rounds) with less par, more bogeys and less double and / or triple bogeys. My lowest score this year was 85 vs. 86 last year and highest score of 99 vs. 107 last year (read my upcoming detail review).

Buying another house is a big challenge (FULL STOP).

Well this is what I love the most – I think I successfully spent time with my loved ones more this year. We had HongKong Trip, couple in town Hotel stay, couple Bandung trip and lots Boys Days Out.

Slide1Hip Hip Hooraaayyyy for making the blog go live!!! This is still a 7 months old baby with very small traffic – however I think a good getaway for myself during my sleepless night.

gamerBe a gamer again – I think is not a good idea considering it will take my boys time also playing the console. I will revisit this one and get it after the biggest one reach 10 years old.

vespaRepaint and ride the vespa again. Successfully brought back my old love. I found a great painting workshop and lucky to know the paint artist – owner of the workshop. After it is repainted for the next couple of months I spent my weekends riding around with it finding new eating places. The travel went from South to West Jakarta.

For me, this s a great year! at home and at work (I have no life other than these two). At the office definitely a challenging year, tough for me intellectually, physically and mentally but thank God I can go through it together with beloved friends. A lot of mistakes and the only thing I can do with that is to learn from it. At home, I have more time watching my boys grow up, his first day to school, daily trip from home to school with the bigger one. Also happy to be able to get some present to beloved wife. I end this year by giving present to my parents together with my sisters.

Overall great year, thank you 2017, thank God and I’ll see you 2018.


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