Year End Holiday – Day #3

Merry Christmas everybody!!! Yes today is Christmas but unfortunately my boy is not feeling totally well so we decided to stay in our room again watching movies, playing phones and sleeping…

So happy Kinsey almost go back to his normal health and busy making fun in front of our camera.

This is me sitting on my favorite corner playing my camera and GoPro. Kinsey busy finishing his noodle while Mommy and Rory watching movies from the bed. During these past two days I found that my GoPro lenses did not perform as nice as before. The pictures looked foggy even with a very proper light. I thought I need to get the new one (nice try – they are launching GoPro 6 and GoPro Fusion), lucky it was just some dusty oil on the front lense cover … phew … now it is go back to normal performance (below is the view from my our window).

Tomorrow is our last day at the hotel and to wrap up our day we had our porky dinner and go back to our room.

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