Year End Holiday – Day #1

Well, two days before Christmas Day and I woke up at one o’clock at night could not sleep anymore. This is our second time spending our holiday staying at the hotel (while we are still in Jakarta). After the last Hari Raya Lebaran holiday we also did the same and we found it very fun. This time my wife picked a hotel near Bunderan Hotel Indonesia. When you could not sleep anymore and you looked outside hotel window, the above picture is the view.

After considering the safety, I picked my GoPro, iPhone, 100 thousand Rupiah bill and the room key. Wearing my shoes and going down from the 14th level to the Lobby. Around 5 minutes later I got myself by the side of Bunderan HI, setting my camera nearby the police car ha ha ha and enjoying my time taking pictures around.

Midnight hunger also attacked my tummy and I was so tempted to sit down and got a plate of nasi or mie goreng from the street vendor I found during my short trip down here… but I think it will be too much for tonight. After a while I decided to go back up to my room and looking forward for our second day…

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