One of our family plan for this long weekend is watching movie together, the movie we choose was Coco. Well for me, I am actually not a big fan of animation movie, if I may pick, I will go for Justice League (the movie I’ve been waiting for this year). So this is the story of Coco which I find extremely great after the watch…

The movie started with a short Disney Animation about Olaf Christmas. It is a good addition to the main movie. The 30 mins duration make us questioning if we are in the right studio or not.

Finally, the movie started. Have a background in Mexico where people celebrating the Mexican Holiday Dia De Muertos – it is the day where family gathers to remember and pray for friends & family members who have died and help supports their spiritual journey. Miguel found his passion in music which is not supported by his family and accidentally transported to the land of the dead where he found the history of his ancestor and family, he also found out the story of his musician idol and how their story correlated each other.

At first I thought it is a story about musical and entertainment, lastly I found more than that, it is a story about family and how it always come first in our life. A great animation and great moral of the story – excellent packing for the whole family.

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