Hackers Wannabe

Out of the blue he asked me “dad, where is google?”. So I took my phone and go to Safari and open the google for him. I was busy talking to my dad and out of my attention he was so busy typing and looking for something on my phone. When I looked at him, I was so worry he is looking for unproper things in Google so I took the phone and below is the screenshot

Hahahahaha he is researching how to crack my appstore password to buy coins for Clash of Clan.

Short interview with the little hackers

R: What’s in your mind when you research this?

K: I want to learn to know someone else password so I can buy things using other’s money

R: Who give you idea of using google?

K: Me myself, I have a big brain…

Very creative young man, I hope you will use your creativity for good things when you grow up.

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