I Still Love This Game


Almost 15 years since I got my knee surgery and I could not play this game fully again and almost 10 years for my second knee surgery. The logo, the thrilled 48 minutes and the my love of this game never change. Now focusing on season 2017 – 18, after the blockbuster trade between Cavs and Celtics, the story is not yet finished. Cleveland make another run for the ring chase by getting Derrick Rose (former Point Guard MVP) plus LeBron former team mate from Heat – Dwayne Wade (Source: nba.com). Lebron - WadeWith this combination, they still had three big reserve : Isaiah Thomas, J.R Smith and Joe Cowder. They are seriously chasing the ring this year. Combining all the experiences, titles and statistics over the NBA history, definitely Cavaliers has became the strongest team this year and (my prediction) will definitely goes for the Finals. A tough job for their Head Coach and Management to manage the emotion, ego and playing time.


Another “Game Changer” for Cleveland is the former MVP Derrick Rose – for me combination of him and Isaiah will fill the hole of traded Irving. One replaced by Two will get the team more stamina. So it will be an interesting season 2017 – 18, I hope to see you guys on the Finals.

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