1st Boys Day Out With Rory

In summary, total score 8/10. Finally today I have a chance to get my little boy for our family tradition boys day out while his bigger brother has to stay at home for test preparation tomorrow. 4 years ago I took my first son for our own trip and during that trip je learnt to drink using straw and eat harder food (I gave him nasi goreng and it become his favorite food until now).

Today is his brother’s turn. We went to Pondok Indah Mall today around 11.00 AM. The 15 minutes trip was successfully accomplished without major disaster. We sang one direction song and he sit still using his seat belt.

Now, arriving at The Mall. Let him play running around the track at the sport shop, playing 3D game, cancel the choo choo train and after that we had our lunch at Pizza Hut. Still quite difficult to find him the “right” food but overall he could eat it (while watching Iphone). Walking around the mall with him make me so happy, he took me to the video game shop and book store.

After that we went home and in the middle of the road he fell asleep. So far so good Rory, cannot wait for our second boys day out… I love You Rory – to be continued…

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