Blockbuster Trade: Irving – Thomas


A mega and blockbuster trade between superstar Kyrie Irving and the young rising stars Isaiah Thomas is finally finished. Hearing the news couple of weeks ago about this trading plan is quite shocking me, even I personally not a big fan of neither Cavs or Celtics. In my opinion Kyrie still the balancer and the key to Cavs success last year and when they finally got their rings years back. While I lost my sight on tracking how the green Boston performance last year, they actually made the Conference Final last year and ranked #5 at Eastern Conference.


Before, I always had a perception that Kyrie is better than Thomas, I mean better significantly. But after looking at their stats I tend to disagree with myself. Statistically they are not that significantly different. Both are solid performer and contributor to their team, despite the rings and the all star game Kyrie performed before. Maybe it could be a good trade for both team. Still I am going for Golden State this season, but I wish a good luck for Cavs!

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