Why Do We Need More Than One Camera?

Do we need more than one camera? If our profile is similar, you can use this  as  a  consideration. Along with new lense coming out, the latest model finally released with screen at the back, phone with nicer camera make bokeh automatically… new upgrades for our everyday life. Why do we need different cameras and definitely more than one camera? Here is my view on this.

Firstly, my profile. I am a dad of two boys who are very active and I like to save our family moment, I am also an employee working in a cool office with cool friends so a lot of funny moments and camaraderie and the last one I like to take pictures especially human portrait. Based on this profile, here is my photography gadget:

Mobile1. Mobile camera.

I am accompanied by my iPhone 6 for the last one year. It is handy, size not too big and the camera can be used fast to take moments around (at the office, during lunch time with kids, at home, in the car, at the mall when I do not bring other gadget). This is useful to capture unexpected moments.



Camera2. Mirrorless Camera.

I actually tend to changes stuff especially camera. Previously I used DSLR Canon 50D (long time ago and I could not remember). As far as I remember I found it very difficult to find “a single lense to rule them all” so I bought 70-200 mm (for long range), 100 mm for macro, 17-40 mm for wide range and finally tried 24-105mm to use on daily. One problem with those stuff – HEAVY and BULKY (of that was two anyway).  Until finally I bought a Fuji X-M1 with fix 35mm lense and it is absolutely PERFECT combination for me. This camera has been with me for 3+ years now and don’t want to replace it (at least until now). I use it for a more serious photography (getting bokeh, playing with slow shutter) especially when I want a more “higher quality” result compared to mobile camera. The size is compact and also easy to use.

Attachment-13. Action Camera – Go Pro.

I decided to get this camera couple of months ago and so far this small buddy fulfill my need especially when I go outdoor, when I need to get wide or super wide reach, go into the water and being creative playing with lense (get a fish eye look, took difficult angle, etc). The size is crazy small and it could go inside your pocket. Go Pro Hero 5 completed with the screen at the back – make you easier to capture moments. You don’t need to access the screen via your mobile. Picture quality is still acceptable and we can be creative with this camera, nice invention.

So, here is my view on what kind of camera do we need. If we are alike maybe worth considering this stuffs in your pocket or in your bag. Happy hunting.

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