The Blue Bulls

My Childhood Basketball…

Born in early 80’s, my childhood basketball world was filled with only few big player names in NBA. Name like Jordan, Pippen, Ewing, Robinson, Johnson, Stockton. For team, unfortunately it was only the red Chicago Bulls crossing my mind. Phil is a genius architect (maybe he use the Gallup strengths based approach). Always for years, the team have the best person in their position as an individual. And as a team, seamlessly, those strengths collaborated and become unstoppable (at that time), 6 championship rings, 72-10 record in 95-96 season, etc. The combination of skilled and talented Jordan with unselfish Pippen make scoring dynamic easier, added with Rodman “the worm” who only cares for rebounds was a mystery equation other teams hardly solve.Chicago Then

Chicago Now …

Well great history marked or (maybe) the greatest history marked look like a sweet dreams for the young Bulls. For myself, I quite like the combination of the “NOT SO CURRENT” Bulls. Buttler – Deng – Rose – Noah – Boozer were the combination I like the most from the young one. But this is not Cinderella story, basketball is tough and might not have a happy ending. Injured Rose, Free Agents and the latest news of traded a 27 years old Shooting Guard / Small Forward Jimmy Buttler to Timberwolves for Zach LaVine and Draft Pick.Chicago Now

Jimmy Buttler Or Zach LaVine?

See RedWho is Jimmy? In summary, I personally think he has one of the most shocking track record during his first 6 years in NBA (all with Chicago). 3x All Star Game performance, 3x All Defensive Team, 2017 All NBA Team and 2014-15 Most Improved Player … have a great stamina (Top 10 Minutes Per Game in 4 NBA season) and effective offense (Top 10 in 2 NBA season). Just a bit comparison with Adam LeVine as follow (Data Source:

Buttler vs LaVine

For me, I put a big hope on Zach (2x NBA Slam Dunk Champion) and hope to see the Red Bulls again… fingers crossed.

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