Afternoon Eating Getaway

“Afternoon Attack”

Feel a bit hungry at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I took my big boy K for our usual getaway. Located nearby our house (around 6 minutes walking distance) there is a small restaurant in the corner of Jl. Fatmawati Raya named “Eatsomnia – Street Wagyu”. They mainly serve a combined Indonesian and Western flavour meals and snack like roti bakar, indomie, fried rice, steak, and bubur with relatively affordable price. Today, K ordered a wagyu steak with mushroom sauce (cost us IDR 115K) and for myself a bowl of indomie goreng with wagyu (cost us IDR 26K). It is actually not a bad price at all considering the taste and the talk we had.


“The Incoming”

IMG_5231Waiting around 15 minutes, K asked “Dad can I play your phone one time?” (Out of topic). Please be patient dude… Honestly the food waiting here is quite a while, … is for hours (according to K’s time zone). Finally, my food coming… the smell of Indomie goreng directly strike my nose and in less than 5 minutes the plate become empty… oh sorry… how is it look like? I think they use Indomie Goreng Jumbo (clever – the normal one will not be enough and two packs will be too much), they add chunks of grilled wagyu beef on the side, topped up with fried sunny side egg, fried onion, tomatoes and green vegies. Personally for me, Indomie will always taste great with any combination.

Not very long after, the main course coming. The happy face and in-patient fingers attacked the servings before I could take a picture of it, lucky still be able to manage before they are finished 5 minutes after…

“Ape Banana-ting?”


Well, we are monkeys, by nature we eat banana and we give banana for appreciation, overall I give 4 bananas for this restaurant. Location wise is close (but you can deliver them using Go-Food too), they are open 24 hours, taste vs. price is make sense, suit well for our tounge (well you cannot go wrong with Indomie right?)  but parking space is limited also you might need a bit patient waiting for the food.


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