Lebaran 2017 Holiday (Part 2 – Final)

Day 3 – Mall hopping ended up to couch potatoes

Early Morning Face

Good morning, good morning, good morning! What are we going to do today, YES, we are going to be a “Mall Hoppers”. We (I and my wife) set to go to 3 different malls (for lunch, for kids to play, and for me to look for Crumpler bag). We had a good breakfast (even though still need to queue for seat … this is so bad). We packed up and ready to go … on our way to the first one, mission aborted … different mall only for eat and kids to play are just too much for us ha ha ha … so we went to Gandaria City to play trampoline with the kids and had our lunch there. This trampoline play park is great, they need energy to play, after one hour, the boys are tired, hungry and we did not have any difficulties getting food to our little kid. While the bigger one never have a problem eating, just more food this time.


Around 3PM, we went back to the hotel after buying the never go wrong food (KFC). Original chicken + warm rice + perkedel will accompany us for dinner on Day 3. Mr. R was busy sleeping and woke up around 6PM. Suddenly, Mr. K said “Mom why don’t we just stay here and not going anywhere, I want to know what it feels like …” Okay … mission aborted again. we decided to be a couch potato, playing gadget, UNO card and for my self exploring my old camera (I really like this Fuji … but not refuse if the replacement is Leica ha ha ha) and trying night photography.


Camera exploring… I found night photography is actually quite fun. Playing with the shutter speed is tough especially when I don’t have tripod or monopod or remote … maybe … (why always ended up in buying equipment?)

Good Night Jakarta City

Day 4 – Going back home

IMG_5150Good morning again Jakarta City, it was a great holiday. We are going back home today, not to far away (18 mins for 6.5 km). I found something interesting about Jakarta … if we see three options provided by Google Map (driving, public transport – I assume bus and walking) it is confusing, why? Taking the same route as driving private car, it will take almost 1.5 hours and you will be faster if you take a walk compared to bus … This is why I love Jakarta so so much … strange things and out of the box, only happened in Jakarta … anyway, go back to the room, while other are still sleeping, again I explore the camera and try some manual setting and taking pictures around.


Thank you holiday, we had a great family fun. I learned a new kids jargon from Mr. K: “You are liar liar pants on fire …” I don’t even know what does it means but it’s a good rhyme. I will see you on another holiday … I love you K and R and by the way, I finished uploading this post and you guys still not wake up …


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