Lebaran 2017 Holiday (Part 1)

IMG_4861The Plan (25 mins from our home) …

This Lebaran holiday, while there is a thing which always stays the same every year (bibi and suster went home to spend their Hari Raya with family), we tried to do something different to spend our holiday. Usually, we are going off town (either to Bandung or somewhere else). This year we decided to stay in Jakarta … My wife managed to find a voucher and we will spend 4 days at the Fairmont Jakarta. We picked a Sky Suite room, which is more like a one room apartment with its own kitchen, dining room and a living room.

I love my boy K, being very imaginative, he told us to pretend we are a foreign tourist, so he make some rules written on a paper and gave to us before we go.

IMG_4996K – 5 Holiday Rules …

So he wrote this down on paper the 5 rules:

  1. Call a taxi to sent us to the hotel
  2. We go in the hotel
  3. We speak English
  4. We trick the hotel people
  5. We have our holiday

Day 1 – The Arrival

It took us around 25 mins driving from our home to the Hotel at Senayan area. Thank you for the friendly traffic these days. We got the room on 28 Floor with a view to Gelora Bung Karno stadium and south part of Jakarta City.

Day View (Taken by iPhone 6 Panorama mode)
Night View (Taken by Fuji X-M1 and 35mm lense f1.4) – Gosh I seriously think about a drone?

So we got into the room and BANG!!! it is so awesome. It is as spacious as it can be and enough for the kids to play hide and seek, running and jumping around. The bathroom is nice, with a big bath tub which enough for the boys to get in together. My sister and her family drop by for a dinner together.


Day 2 – Swimming and Jakarta Exploring

Getting ready to swim

What is the plan for today? We decided to take our time swimming with the kids. After the nice late morning wake up, we had our breakfast and getting ready to the pool. It is always a challenge when it comes to swimming (especially for R). Besides it is 11AM sun which might kill us, another one is how to take them out of the pool for lunch. So after 1.5 hours changing pools and a lot of screams, we finally able to get them back to the room. Lunch!!! K pick Genki Sushi Restaurant, well I am not a big fan of sushi but, this restaurant is smart. They put a train railed next to customers table and they serve the order using it. Smart since it replace waiters and also becoming a good attraction for kids (trust me they order more and more just to see the train coming back and forth ha ha ha). Dinner (my favorite) !!! For me, there are only 3 never go wrong food (KFC, Bakmi GM and Padang). We picked the last one for our dinner tonight.


Nasi Putih, Bakwan Jagung, Ayam Panggang, Sambal Goreng Kentang + Udang, Kerupuk Kulit, Sayur Nangka, Telur and 3 pieces of Ayam Pop (Special for by boy) are ready to company our tummy… We ended the day going around Jakarta and enjoy the traffic, we are getting ready for day 3 and day 4.

To be continued …



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