Old Love Ride


Legal Day One Scooter Ride

Just the next day after I got my vespa repainted, that night I tried to drive her around just to re-fuel, great feeling and I can feel the engine power are different from before (thanks to Dapscoots for the modification). The next day, I asked my boy (K) to go with our new old ride watching Transformers at Kemang Village (mall nearby our house). Lucky for us, they have special parking space for motorcycle like Vespa, Harley, Triumph, Ducati, while most of other mall are not allowing us to park on that special lot.

Me & K

Next step, not enjoy riding alone, I tried to text my friend that night but I decided not to do so since I think it’s already a bit late. That night sleep was so good. Early next morning around 5AM, I read the whatssap messanger from Iben asking for scootering and trying his new drone … coooollll, in minutes, I got ready and arrived at his house. To bad the pretty green LXV 150 battery is drained and he could not started her. Well, just use one scooter then, so we packed our stuffs and go to Kemang Village, which I think they have space for droning (I am really thinking of having this cool toys …)

FullSizeRenderTo bad we could not have these two scooters riding together, but at least we had a picture together

Another Morning Ride

Well I am just a morning person, I mean really morning person and another luck that my wife and kids usually (read: always) wake up (much more) later than me. So, that morning, I decided to ride around again. Agenda: buy food and taking pictures around SCBD area. Looking forward for another group ride.


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