Andries Family HongKong Trip 2017


Dear K & R, I don’t know how old you are when you read this, but back in April 2017 we had our yearly holiday to Hongkong. It is quite a long one for HongKong (7 days) and we had a very good days there… some plans before we got there like visiting the biggest Toys R’us (buying our nerf gun) and not to miss the Disneyland… here is our story there…

Day 1.1

Day 1 – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, “Let there be Dim Sum”

Well this, is our first time going to HongKong together… the feel was more less like Jakarta, it was construction everywhere. That night we were a bit confused about where to eat. So we went down and walk around the block and found this small Chinese restaurant and we think it was the nicest Dim Sum we ever taste.


Day 2 – “Let there be Pork Chop and Toys …”

On the second day, still looking for good food, we found another restaurant selling variety of famous God creation … Pork. Still exploring our new neighborhood, this time only a couple block from our hotel finally we found it. Another highlight from our second day was the big Nerf Gun and a big T-Rex.

Day 3 – “And let the land produces Noodles …”Day 3.1

On the third day, we went to experience the peak train, and not by taxi, we took the MTR to HongKong island. Well, you guys quite like it in there and memorable memories when you (K) were enjoying your meal up there while me need to go with you (R) and changed your diapers in the smallest toilet in the world. But, it was a great day.

Day 4 – “Let there be Delicious Kitchen …”


Day 4.2Our journey to eat seems far from finish, we heard this restaurant serve a very nice pork. Even though it is quite far from our hotel, we took the MTR, we played at the kids park before we found the ferry bay and cross by. From there we took a cab and went to Causeway Bay. Never disappointing, the food was definitely made mommy’s day … well and my day too … (Notes: we went there again on the sixth day)


Day 5.1Day 5 – God blessed them and say “Enjoy Shopping … “

Today, we went to the other side again and the WAIT is started by you (K). You said you wanted to go to SOGO and see the toy store, just in case they have the Nerf Gun (which is not available at the biggest Toys R’us in the Asia we visited 3 days ago). Mommy saw Tory Burch sale sign and we went to I forgot 17th or 18th Floor by escalator … not long after, the waiting journey started. Mommy got some stuffs after 60 to 70 minutes queueing and we had our good time waiting watching tons of YouTube videos.

Day 6.1Day 6 – “So God created Disneyland in his own image …”

The long awaited Disneyland visit is here. We woke up early that morning and getting ready for the fun. Well my body was not to well actually that day, but it was day six and we were one day away before went back home. So Lets Do It !!! We got there by taxi and thank God the park was not to pack and thank you for the smart pass (I must say it is very smart system Disneyland). 10 AM we arrived and got back around 4PM. During that 6 hours we got 7 rides (not bad at all – Iron Man Showcase, Iron Man 4D rides, Star Wars Dark Rides, Carrousels, Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup, Jungle Adventure and Winnie The Pooh). Lets count how many Disneyland we will visit together …

Day 7 – “By the seventh Day, God finished the work … and we made our day by playing at the park before flew back home …”

Day 7.1

We had a very good time that day and after having our last breakfast we walk to the park and spent around one hour playing, screaming, running, taking pictures, sweating, climbing and keeping our sweet HongKong memories …




To Be Continued …

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