My Mid Year Golf Review


I am approaching the month of July and thank you to my friend Iben who introduced me to this sport, I never expect I will fall in love so much with Golf (after my knee surgery and had to leave basketball). I am definitely not a good golfer, but the clubs, the clothes, the friends and jokes during the game makes me attached more and more to it.

“What’s In My Bag @june2017?”

FullSizeRender-1Still using my old Bridgestone bag which I bought from my friend with some additional and “replacement” clubs, here are my 14 clubs (which I expect to stay long in the bag):

DRIVER – PING G30 SF Tech, adjusted to 9 degree, Fubuki Ninja shaft.

WOOD – Wood 3 Royal Collection SFD with Matrix Radix shaft.

RESCUE – Here are my favorite twins, Royal Collection SFD Rescue 4 and Rescue 2 (both are using Matrix Radix iron shaft).

IRON – Six pieces (5-P) Iron United (UK Forged) with relatively stronger loft and cavity back matched with NS Pro Zelos 8 shaft and blue Iomic grip.

WEDGES – 60 degree, 56 degree and 52 degree Miura Wedge using NS Pro 950 shaft.

PUTTER – Going back to my previous Scotty Cameron X7 34 inches mallet putter. This is unusual, but I do not like standard clubs. Usually I made some changes with my club, either heavier putter shaft, grip changes or bending. BUT, this is the only standard club in my bag, no changes at all, I keep everything as it is and totally satisfied with its performance.

“Good Luck Charm?”

FullSizeRenderMaybe a bit of superstitious, I go back to my previous black GODZILLA for my driver cover, green dragon hand puppet which I got from IKEA (fortunately, it fit nicely to my Wood 3) and I use two socks (they are actually my boy’s socks) for my Rescue Club.

For good luck charm? Maybe yes, maybe no, at least, they are making my bag looks color coordinated.


“… Performance Review …”

… well honestly not achieving the target set. Number of games played until mid year is 30% of 2017 target (10 “yuks” / 30 “yuks”). Based on the statistic data (Thank you Golf Logix), my game average per game is also not showing improvement. Average Pars / Game is roughly half of last year average; Average Bogeys / Game is 1.19x higher and Average Double Bogeys / Game is 1.13x higher compared to last year average.


Fun facts “Playing with Gemblung Golfers” vs. “Not Playing with Gemblung Golfers”

Gemblung Golfers is the main reason if not all the reason why this game is becoming more interesting and fun for me… friends like Iben, Agung, Anung, Yoyok, Sulis, Daniel make golfing “lebih merakyat” … trash talks, jokes, sharing old memories, playing at “lapangan kambing”, difficulties in getting permit from our wifes make each game memorable … In conclusion, doesn’t matter whether the statistic fact that I made more birdies and pars when I played alone or with my other friends, the statistic also showed that the amount of FUN I had is quadruple when I played with Gemblung Golfers .

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