Battle Of The MVPs – The Trilogy Part 1


Me and my big boy apparently need to take the opposite side this time, as he will go for the superstar team Cavs and I will stand for the Warriors. As predicted, these will be the two teams to battle in the Finals. Warriors recorded 67-15 to get their 1st rank for the Western Conference while the Cavs sit on 2nd for the Eastern Conference with 51-31. On top of that it will be the the long rivalry between James vs. Curry and Durant.

Rosters? Interesting … additional Kyle Korver, Deron Williams and Richard Jefferson for Cavs Bench definitely need to be put into the portrait. A combination of individual talent and USA Olympic team player is a bomb. On the other side, Warriors is keeping their rosters with adding Kevin Durant in the season beginning … Thrilling and Epic … expected on this year Finals.

Game 1 … “Too Much LeBron on The Stats” – Golden State Leads 1-0


I personally think LeBron is such a great player, however 28 Points and 8 Assists is not enough to win this series dude. On the other side, combination of 31 assists from Warriors definitely is the key, differentiating to Cavs with only half of it.  Bench strengths is almost equal (77 Mins – 21 Points for Cavs and 79 Mins – 24 Points for Warriors). Let’s wait up for the second game.

Game 2 … “Again, Too Much LeBron on The Stats + The Triple Double” – Golden State Leads 2-0


Congratulations LeBron on making the record for the triple double. It is comparable with Magic Johnson, however again the Rebounds and Assists from the Warriors outnumbered Cavs. 45% FG for Cavs and 51% FG for Warriors compared with the Rebounds open the way for Warriors to take their advantage on the home winning. We are waiting for away game at Cleveland on Game 3.

Game 3 … “Amazing Last Minute Save by Kevin Durant” – Golden State Leads 3-0


Warriors won the game with final score 118 – 113, Kevin Durant heroic action on 1:15 mins to the game end changes the story of Game 3. 7 points contribution including one Three – Pointers made on the last seconds and flip the scoring card for Warriors. Combinations points from Durant (31 Points) – Curry (26 Points) and Thompson (30 Points) steals the away game from Cavaliers.  Aside from that, I would like to appreciate 13 Rebounds from Point Guard – Steph Curry which lead the Rebounds stats for the Warriors, this stats is equal with Center – Kevin Love Rebounds for this game.

Game 4 … “Revenge Of The Cavaliers” – Golden State Leads 3-1

This is the first time me and my big boy watch the Finals live together. “Kyrie is a scoring machine” K shout. Well, He proof he is right. Game 4 is definitely Cavaliers’ day … unselfish performance by LeBron paired up with 40 points from Irving leave no chance for the Warriors to make a scoring lead … and it is all the way to the end of the game. 52.9% FG is incomparable with the 44.8% FG of the Warriors. Many said after 3-0 leads by the Warriors, the story will end at the Cleveland, however, that night the Cavs showed that they want more … They are trailed and It is 3-1 now … will it be like last year Finals story where they came back and won the title?

To Be Continued …

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